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African Moses Basket #33
African Moses Basket #33
African Moses Basket - Baby Moses Basket #03

African Moses Basket #33

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Please Note: Stand "NOT" included. Shop Here.
- Dimension: 30-34"Long x 14-17”Wide x 12-13”Tall
- Color: Natural + Blue Black
- Handmade Moses Basket w/ Leather Handles
- Canada Shipping Now Available. Rates Apply.

- Materials: Elephant Grass | Leather Handles | Natural Dye

- Triple Thread Weaving for Maximum Durability

- NOT Included: Mattress/Padding
- Have any questions? Feel free to email us.

Our African Moses baskets are 100% Authentic and ethically handmade by our weavers in Ghana (Fair Trade Program) using natural grass known as “Elephant grass”. This natural material has bamboo-like robustness that provides long-lasting sustainability and durability. To achieve the rich colors, baskets are dyed using natural products like sorghum and other colorants derived from plants.

Moses Pad & Liner

- Firm Construction ( SIDS Prevention)
- 1.5" High Density Foam
- HQ Lock stitched padding
- Double Cover Water proof / Wipeable

- Added Soft/comfort Layer to your Basket
- Removes & Cleans Easily
- Great Elasticity to Fit Well around Basket
- Specifically Designed for ZuriRose Baskets
- 100% Cotton Top with Polyester side
- Always make sure liner is tightly secured


Standard Shipping
Please allow 2-4 business days for processing order. This entails shaping and inspecting each Moses basket carefully. If you made a pre-order purchase, your order will ship within the 4 weeks lead time window. All orders are shipped via UPS with confirmed tracking number and transit times ranging from 2-4 days. We do not ship to PO BOX addresses.Please Note: We "do not" ship to Hawaii and Alaska.


Please Read Carefully:

  • Baskets are made of natural elephant grass and not soft in nature. At times grass may protrude out and can be easily trimmed off. This is normal with all African Moses baskets.
  • Please do not carry or move the basket with your infant inside it. Always carry the basket empty. It is recommended that the basket handles be placed in an outward position when the infant is inside.
  • Ensure that the basket is always placed on a firm and flat surface. Do not place the basket on a table, near stairs, or on any elevated surfaces.
  • When using a Moses liner, make certain the liner is tightly secured within the basket with a mattress pad on top. Never place a baby inside a moses basket with a liner only. A pad is required to secure the liner tight.

The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends:
  • Placing the infant on their back and using a firm sleep surface, with a tight-fitting sheet
  • Avoiding the use of a soft bedding, such as; pillows, blankets, toys, stuff animals, and blankets
  • The Moses basket is recommended for infants up to 20lbs and/or those who cannot roll, sit up on their own, or push themselves up to a crawling position.
  • It is recommended that you do not place toys with strings or attach objects to the baskets handles to avoid the risk of strangulation. Ensure the handles are always outward when infant is inside. NEVER leave infant unattended. Please do not place items in basket that can cause suffocation.
  • Please do not allow pets or other children in the Moses basket when the infant is inside and never leave them unattended.
  • Always keep your basket away from hazards such as fire/flames, heaters, stoves, window blinds, cords, or anything that can be hazardous or cause injury to the infant.
Return Policy

We have a strict no return policy. We only accept returns under the following criteria’s.

  • You received a damaged African Moses basket (Baskets are inspected prior to shipping)
  • Order lost in transit (please note: Lost or stolen packages after confirmed delivery don’t count)
  • Item received is not as described ( Ex: wrong colors, patterns and design)
Care Instructions

How to reshape your Basket
If you've received your order and your Moses basket appears somewhat deformed or misshaped, fear not as this is normal. We make every effort to shape all our Moses baskets prior to shipping them out but transit times can always lead to your basket arriving a little contorted. Fixing this is extremely easy as the baskets are quite malleable. Using hot water inside a tub/sink, simply soak affected areas and lightly mold with your hands. Allow 24 hours to dry.