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HANDCRAFTED & chemical free moses basket 

ZuriRose & Co's. African Moses Baskets are conscientiously created to promote optimum infant comfort and safety. Each Moses basket we sell is free of harmful chemicals and irritants. They are made from dried long grass—commonly known as elephant grass. This natural material has bamboo-like robustness that provides long-lasting sustainability and durability. To achieve the rich colors, they are dyed using natural products like sorghum and other plants. Following the Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines, ZuriRose & Co Baby Moses Baskets are built with a sturdy and wide base that reduces tipping. 

Its lightweight and portable design will allow you to easily move a Moses basket from one room to another—and from one place to another. It’s the perfect napping spot for your little one during your day at the park or weekend at the beach! Other collections include Moses Basket Stands, Changing Baskets and Dog Beds.

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Handmade and woven African Moses Basket

Moses Basket

Handmade and woven african market basket or shopping baskets

Moses Basket Stand

Collection of handmade Dog beds and woven dog beds

Wicker Dog Bed


You are not just purchasing a product. You are creating a good impact on the lives of female Ghanaian artisans. A ZuriRose & Co Baby Moses Basket is meticulously handcrafted by female artisans from Bolgatanga town in Ghana. These highly talented women rely heavily on basket weaving to support their families. The skill requires years of training, practice, and a great amount of skill. Once a Ghanaian woman becomes a master basket weaver, she will painstakingly create each bassinet for days.


We believe in our weavers’ talent, and we applaud their grit. That is why a percentage of each ZuriRose & Co Baby Moses Basket sold will be given back to the artisans on top of their compensated worked hours. 

 We are committed to empowering the women of Bolga, highlight their skills, and provide them a continuous source of income so that they can break the cycle of poverty and become the best version of themselves. 

luxurious wicker dog bed

Our pups (Big or small) play a crucial role in our daily lives. They protect us, support us and most importantly love us indefinitely. As dog owners ourselves, we wanted to create a product that was unique, comfortable, beautiful and most importantly naturally made. Our Bolga dog beds are 100% natural and handmade by our weavers in Ghana. The beds are extremely durable yet malleable allowing your dog’s body to easily conform into the basket/bed without damage. 


Our Moses Basket stands are the perfect complement to your Moses basket giving you a comfortable and secured bedside reach to your little one. Constructed using a hardwood frame, our stands are designed to work hand in hand with our Moses baskets and feature a customized middle 3 bar reinforcement, to provide optimum stability/security while housing your Moses basket.

Designs that Spark

Our store serves an array of well-crafted products outside of our top selling Moses baskets. Products include; Doll baskets for your little loved ones and their toys, changing baskets for those moments we cannot avoid and lastly dog baskets for our canine buddies. No matter the product, each basket is 100% handwoven with meticulous attention to detail. This is what makes us different from the rest and we take pride and joy in setting high standards.