5 Of the Best Podcasts for Moms to Listen to And Kick Back and Enjoy

5 Podcasts for New Moms

When moms feel as if they are doing their job alone, they feel very lonely and isolated. Even if they do get support from their partners and any family, parenting is a hard job which can be quite isolating and exhausting. And this is why moms are encouraged to join support groups in different platforms such as Facebook, however, those groups sometimes can get out of hand. Another great thing for moms to do in order to both be entertained and not feel so alone is by listening to the best mom podcasts around.

That means if you are the mom that is feeling incredibly lonely and isolated since you are there taking care of your little ones that demand so much of your energy and time, you are going to want to know about these - podcasts! They are going to be just perfect for you!

1. The Longest Shortest Time

The Longest Shortest Time podcast is a parenting podcast that talks about absurdities and surprises that you encounter by raising those little ones. There is a range of parenting topics that are covered in this podcast. However, this podcast has also featured women that are not mothers as well who have been able to add some value to it such as Jessi Klein, the writer for Inside Amy Schumer.

2. Coffee + Crumbs

The podcast Coffee + Crumbs was established by the creators of the book, The Magic of Motherhood. This podcast is very entertaining because every episode is relatable to moms that are struggling everywhere. And it is also a good one because it helps every mom feel good no matter how she is winging the parenting thing! Kids don't come with instructions and this podcast reminds moms of that quite well.

3. Sure, Babe

The podcast Sure, Babe is a hilarious one for parents and this podcast was established by the family and marriage therapist Chrissy Powers. A range of topics is covered in this particular podcast that includes parenting, marriage, and other important topics that affect parents day to day. Powers is also a mother of 3 herself, and a blogger, and has a very popular Instagram account. She knows how to handle her own stress by finding humor and entertainment in it because it is the only way that will keep you going.

4. UnRuffled

UnRuffled is a fun podcast that was established by the parenting expert and author, Janet Lansbury. It is not only fun but it is full of advice that any mom that is winging it can use. It is extremely useful and popular because you have humor as well as practicality mixed on one. And if there is an issue that you are dealing with you can scroll through the list of podcasts because surely there was one done that covered the parenting issue.

5. The Mom Hour

The Mom Hour is a very popular parenting podcast that is hosted by Sarah Powers and Megan Francis who have toddlers to preteens. They provide a setting where it is like a couple of friends are having a chat while they may act silly but will also give out useful and great recommendations. They also remind you that you are not in this parenting thing alone.

There you have it. There are 5 podcasts that you can enjoy and listen to while you need to take that time to unwind so you don't feel alone and can relax while you learn some great tips or so when it comes to parenting.

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