A Crib or Bassinet: The Million-Dollar Dilemma

African moses basket and bassinet
Are you slouching in your chair, feeling overwhelmed by the decision-making of nursery ornaments? You might be exhausted comparing the different pros and cons. How necessary is a changing table? Do you absolutely need to be equipped with a rocking chair? After setting everything, will you have any space left for free walking or for your baby to crawl on?
All these questions are significant and worth the importance you are giving to them. But to prioritize the list, your baby’s sleeping space must come first. Well, does that beg yet another question?
There is no doubt that sleep cycles and resting time are crucial for a baby, especially during the initial stages. So, should you go with a crib or a bassinet?

Regardless of the question before you, know that cribs and bassinets are both safe options for your new-born baby. That said, the difference lies in their significance and purpose.
To begin with the most obvious difference, you have the size of each type. A bassinet does not take up nearly as much space in your room as a crib would. In case you have a small house, or the size of your baby's room is small, go for a bassinet.
Not to mention, the advantage of size makes it possible for you to carry it with you wherever you go. Additionally, most of them come with a hood or cover. A baby Moses basket is one of the better examples.
In a baby Moses basket, you would find just as much safety as a convenience. It is rather durable and sturdy in its structure so that you can put your little one to sleep, unworried. You will notice that the sides of a bassinet are lower than in a crib. It means that you would not have to bend or lean over to pick up or put your baby to sleep in it.

As opposed to all the wonderful things you just read about having a bassinet, comes its relevance over time. Without a doubt, cribs can serve you purposefully for a much longer time than a bassinet. So, its size can be a boon as well.
Moreover, you even have the option of covering the crib’s base into a bed once your baby becomes a toddler. Meaning, it might further last you longer and would be a cheaper option over a long period.
Unlike the case of bassinets, you will not even face an issue concerning the weight it can hold. That is one of the factors why cribs are much more expensive than bassinets too. However, as mentioned before, they could be cheaper over a long time.

There is no questioning that both cribs and bassinets have come a long way since the time they were invented. That is not just the case with the kind of safety they provide, but also the aesthetics.
Regardless, the whole dilemma between cribs or bassinets seems crucial at the moment, does it not? Well, contrary to what you are feeling, it is merely a matter of your personal preference! Then again, you would always want to provide the best for your child no matter what their age. So, what are the odds that you might stick to the idea of recycling your crib?
To state, in short, the ultimate decision lies in your hands. Do you want one of those big and fancy cribs? Or do you want to give your little one a sweet and intricately designed baby Moses basket for example that can be easily moved around? Whichever choice you go with, your child’s safety will not be put to risk and should be the top priority. So, go with what your heart tells you to do!
“Please note: This article is only informative and should be read as such. To seek professional advise kindly contact your pediatrician or The American Academy of Pediatrics.”