Commonly Asked Questions Prior to Purchasing a Moses Basket

A Moses basket is a popular baby product. It is a woven sleeping aid that is designed only for newborn babies that don’t weigh more than 20Ibs. As it is not bulky, the basket is easily movable and makes a perfect gift for a new mother. To understand more about it, read the following questions and answers guide.

Who makes African Moses baskets?
These baskets are designed by the Frafra people who live in the Northern East region of Ghana. The baskets are commonly known as Bolga baskets because the weavers’ local town is called Bolgatanga or Bolga in short form. These people are unable to do serious farming because their area is dry and barren. So they design and sell leather crafts, woven baskets and pottery goods to earn money. They have been producing baskets for many years and are true artists in their craft. Hence, every Moses basket they make is a depiction of a truly beautiful and unique African art. 

What do the baskets look like?
These are shaped just like a tiny cot and have leather handles. However, it is not uncommon to find differently-shaped baskets. Furthermore, these baskets are totally hand-woven with elephant grass that is sourced from the town of Kumasi.  Dyes are purchased from a local market in Bolga or in Makola, Accra. This allows weavers to come up with a wide color palette. Another thing that makes a Moses basket unique is the mixture of indigenous weaving patterns.

What method of weaving is used?
Traditionally made baskets use either a single or a double weaving technique. The single one is rougher and stronger while the double one is softer and more sophisticated.  Single weaving was largely used in the 20th century and it gave rise to the double weaving technique.  Over the years, however, Ghana weavers have embraced new weaving methods from the foreigners they dealt with. This has not only reinforced their own weaving styles, but also stretched their ability to think outside the box.

Do you sell Fair Trade baskets?
Yes we do. Our baskets are 100% authentic and our mission goal is to only work directly with weavers that craft these beautiful baskets. Additionally, selling baskets through the Fair Trade Association ensures that weavers earn more money than they would by selling their baskets directly to the locals or tourists.

Do Moses baskets come with stands?
No! Our Moses baskets do not include a padding nor a stand. These are additional purchase items and we are happy to recommend the best solutions/stores.

Where can I get a mattress pad for my baby’s basket?
We ask that you contact us and we will be more than happy to offer you suggestions that work best for Moses baskets.

Are Moses baskets safe and if so, how long can they be utilizable?
A Moses basket is ideal for newborn babies, yes! But like any baby product, it can be dangerous if improperly handled. As a result, mothers are advised to avoid lifting the basket or carrying their babies in it. Also, they should have the handles turned to the outside of the basket as opposed to the inside.  Lastly, use this basket until your baby attains the maximum weight recommended which is 20lbs.