New Mom's Self-Care Guide after Birth

New Moms self care guide

After having a baby, especially if it is your first one, your life becomes upside down. There is very little time to sleep, and there is very little time for yourself because you have this being that needs you all of the time, 24/7. However, it is critical that new moms or moms that have given birth to their subsequent children find it in them to care for themselves. Here is a brief guide on self-care for mothers after giving birth:

1. Make Sure That Time Is Found For Sleep

New moms and moms that have just given birth to subsequent children are going to be sleep-deprived for a while until the baby begins to sleep through the night. That is, unfortunately, a fact, however, the severity of sleep deprivation makes a huge difference in how well the mom can cope and function. That is why it is critical to make sleep deprivation as minimal as possible. That is why it is really important to sleep when the baby sleeps! Even if it is for an hour at a time, it is better than nothing.

2. Ask For Help with Chores

After giving birth is not a time to worry about the chores that need to be done. This is the time to bond with your baby and to sleep when the baby sleeps. That means all of the cooking, cleaning, and running errands and other housework will have to be delegated. Ask for help from friends and family, and even spend money and hire house cleaners. Go and order in takeout, and you are likely going to have friends and family bringing you dishes as well.

3. Join a Group for Moms

There are plenty of excellent Facebook mom groups as it is critical to have an outlet for socializing even if it is not face to face. Otherwise, you will feel incredibly isolated which is a cause for postpartum depression or anxiety. You can find the quality of the mom groups based on reviews on them by typing in a Google search for 'best mom groups to join'. You want to join those that are supportive, and not full of drama.

4. Treat Yourself

You need to sleep when the baby sleeps initially but in time, the baby will be able to sleep for longer stretches and you will want to go and treat yourself. That means you will need to ask for a trusted family member or friend to watch the baby while you go and get a coffee, or you will want to go and make an appointment to get a hair treatment or something that will make you feel good. Or, you will want to go and read your favorite book!

5. Make Time for Your Partner

Part of self-care is making time for your significant other as well who has had his world turned upside down because of the new baby. Even if it just means watching television together alone which will be likely for a while until the baby is older and more of a routine is settled. Eventually, you will be able to have trusted family members or friends, or a professional babysitting service watch your baby while you go on dates. It is critical.

And every mom must remember that even though she gave birth to a baby who will have their needs tended to all of the time, their needs matter just as much. If moms do not care for themselves and meet their own needs, then they will become burned out and not be able to provide the best care for their infants. This can lead to other serious problems such as postpartum depression and anxiety as well. Self-care for new moms is critical.

“Please note: This article is only informative and should be read as such. To seek professional advise kindly contact your pediatrician or The American Academy of Pediatrics.”