The Items You Need For A New Dog

Dog bed baskets for your fury friends


You have made the decision to adopt a dog. Congratulations. That is quite exciting. There is a lot to prepare yourself for, especially if you have never had a dog or have grown up with one. The first thing you must do is to know about what items you get before you adopt your furry friend as you will need to have several in place. The last thing you would want to be unprepared by not having critical items in place that your dog will need - and you will too. Let's go over the following items to have in your home before your furry friend arrives:


  • High-quality dog food - Consult with the vet that you plan to use for your dog and ask them about the best type of food for the breed of dog you are getting, and age. Don't just go into a pet store and purchase a bag of dog food as it may be the wrong kind for the type of dog you are adopting. Get professional advice on the type to get. Ask about the treats as well that you will want to have on hand for when your dog deserves a reward for being compliant.
  • Five or six dog toys - Dog toys are important for your dog's comfort and stimulation. You can go to a pet store and ask the clerk for advice on the best type of toys to get for the breed of dog you are adopting.
  • Dog bedding - The best type of bed for your dog is the organic dog basket as well as some blankets as the dog may find them comforting. We would of course recommend our natural dog beds, but its your choice to see what works best for your dog. 
  • A leash and a collar - You know that your dog will need to have plenty of walks and you will need a leash and a collar to walk your dog. if you don't leash your dog, then you will end up having a lot of nasty looks sent your way by neighbors. Be sure to order dog tags as well for the leash with your contact information in case your pooch decides to run away.
  • A water and food bowl - Your pooch will need to eat and drink out of something. Have the bowls at the corner of your kitchen the day before you bring the dog home.
  • Puppy pads - Even if you adopt an older housebroken dog, he or she may have some accidents in the home. It is a brand new territory for the dog. Therefore, you will want to keep your carpets and floors as clean as possible by placing puppy pads on them.
  • Grooming apparatus - You need a brush for grooming, shampoo, and a dog nail trimmer that is comfortable. You will want to keep the nails trimmed as often as you can so the bedding is not scratched up too much in the organic dog basket.
  • Puppy gates - Even if you are adopting an older dog, you will not want him or her in some rooms in your home. Those are the rooms that need to be closed off by the gates.

The most important thing to have in place before your new furry arrival comes into your life is plenty of love to give. The best thing you can do is give a dog a loving home, and your new dog will give plenty of love back.