Why Purchase an African Baby Moses Basket

Are you an expecting mother looking to design your newborn’s nursery? There are a number of lovely and useful things to place in your baby’s nursery. One of these is a Moses basket, an African woven basket designed for daytime naps and care.

Brief history
African baskets are elegant and beautiful and a Moses basket from Ghana is just one of these. It is commonly called a Bolga basket and is exclusively hand-woven. Made by the Frafra people of Bolgatanga or Bolga town in Northern Ghana, the basket features a double weave that ensures its longevity. Basket weaving is an ancient art in this part of Ghana and is largely practiced by men and women who are utterly passionate about their work.

As their locality has infertile soil and bad climatic conditions, it doesn’t support food crop farming. Thus, people depend on craft work like basket weaving and pottery to earn a living and support their children. They use elephant grass when making baskets as it grows abundantly in their area. Once the harvest season of the grass comes, it is cut and turned into stiff straw fibers. These fibers are then dyed with traditional plant dyes and toxin-free fabric dyes and used to produce colorful Moses baskets.

A Moses basket is lightweight and portable. It will let you keep your little baby next to you all through the day and this will give you peace of mind. Additionally, the basket is more unique and special than other baskets from Africa because its origin is clearly mentioned in the Bible “Hello Moses”. If you want to learn its history, read the story of baby Moses in the Book of Exodus.

Once you buy a Moses basket for your baby or another newborn child in your life, it will be such a blessing not biblically but supporting the hardworking men and women of Bolga. These baskets have vibrant colors and intricate weaving patterns. They are extremely catchy and ideal picks when one wants to purchase gifts for a newborn baby. Lastly, the baskets last a while meaning they could be used by other newborns over time.

Although a Moses basket is a great thing to have, it is upon you to handle it correctly and safely. Prior to placing a baby in their basket, please do the following and exercise safety:
• Place your basket on a firm and flat surface to increase its stability and comfort.
• NEVER EVER carry a baby while in the basket. Carry the two separately.
• Only use for newborns and stop using when they are 20lbs, can turn or pull themselves up.
• Keep it far from the edges of tables, counter-tops or beds. This can significantly prevent a fall. If possible, purchase a baby basket stand and read instructions on usage properly.
• Stop using the basket when your little boy or girl vigorously moves around the basket.
• Always lay your little one on their backs and NEVER on their stomachs.

Finally, always keep the basket where you can see it to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort.