5 Powerful Benefits That Colostrum Provides Newborns

5 benefits of colostrum

Not every mom is able to breastfeed or chooses to breastfeed for a variety of reasons. For the ones who are unable to breastfeed but have premature deliveries or end up having babies born with complications, the one thing that is important for them to get into their systems is the colostrum which can also come from donors.

Colostrum is the fluid that comes out before the milk comes in after birth. It is sticky and yellow but it has powerful properties that provide many benefits to newborns whether they are born prematurely or not. In fact, premature babies who take colostrum into their systems end up having a much better outcome than their counterparts that don't end up reaping the benefits of colostrum. Let's take a look at the 5 benefits of colostrum for newborns:

1. Colostrum Is A Powerful Immune System Booster

Premature babies have weaker immune systems than term babies have but all newborns would benefit from colostrum for this reason. They still need to have a strong boost to their immune systems, and colostrum contains white blood cells as well as antibodies that will give their immune systems a kick start to fighting infections and viruses. That is why children that were given colostrum at birth are able to fight infections and viruses quicker than those who were not provided with this beneficial fluid.

2. Helps Promote A Stronger Digestive System

Infants that were given colostrum at birth are able to fight stomach bugs and other digestive-related ailments quicker than their counterparts that did not receive the powerful fluid. That is because colostrum provides a thick coating that is protective into the baby's digestive tract and it helps them throughout life. It is not to say that babies that are fed with colostrum are immune to these ailments but quite often they have a much easier time fighting them.

3. It Is A Great Laxative For Newborns

The one thing that you want to see happen right after the baby is born is that they pass their first bout of meconium which is the first bowel movement right after birth. Colostrum will help make this happen quickly as it is a natural laxative. And it will also help keep them more regular with that so they keep passing it until it is no longer an issue.

4. It Helps Reduce The Jaundice Duration

Most babies end up with jaundice as it is due to the fact that their livers are all of a sudden functioning on their own as they were relying on the help of their mother's livers while they were in the womb. However, colostrum will help shorten the duration of jaundice as it can last over a week, and with the help of colostrum. it can shorten it up to a few days. It helps give a boost to the baby's liver so it can start to eliminate waste more effectively.

5. It Provides The Nutritional Needs That The Newborn Needs

Colostrum has the perfect amount of nutrients for the newborn as it helps strengthen the heart, brain, eyes, digestive tract, and the rest of the body by delivering the right nutrients for it. Additionally, it helps keep blood sugar levels stable in the newborn.

That means even if you don't plan on breastfeeding your baby, it is highly recommended to get the colostrum into the newborn's system to give them the boost that is needed!

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“Please note: This article is only informative and should be read as such. To seek professional advise kindly contact your pediatrician or The American Academy of Pediatrics.”