5 Self-Care Tips for New Moms That are not Often Talked About

Care tips for new moms

When it comes to brand new moms utilizing self-care tips, you usually hear about tips that involve sleeping when the baby sleeps, delegating tasks or finding time to read a relaxing book while taking a bath. However, there are some self-care tips that new moms need to utilize that are not discussed all that often but are quite important to utilize as well. Let's go over the tips that every mom needs to do to further care for herself:

1. Start an Online Journal

There are many ways to start an online journal. And you have a choice whether to make it public or not as well. You can create a free Wordpress.com account and making it only private to you or you can create a free Penzu account which is also an online diary, as well as Journey Cloud.

However, starting a journal and writing in it each day will help as it provides an emotional release to get the emotions and feelings out that new moms are going to have plenty of. The beauty as well with an online journal is that you have the opportunity to be as candid as possible with how you are feeling. You can cuss as much as you need if you find yourself getting relief by that. This way no one will ever know as this journal is personal to you unless you choose to have it shared.

2. Take a Break from Technology

It is tempting to go and check your Facebook profile, or email, or anything else online when the baby is sleeping. But if you are not tired and you are tempted to go online, it is a good idea to take a break once in a while. It is best to break away from the electronics to self-reflect and close your eyes, and to clear your mind. Spending too much time on social media sites or writing and checking emails can be draining. And you need to conserve as much energy as you can possibly get!

3. Take a Walk

Take your baby out for a walk and get some fresh air as long as the weather permits. Or if the weather is too cold or too hot, then go to the mall or somewhere indoors. Staying stuck at home will only make you feel worse. However, you will have the energy to do this once your newborn is slightly older and you have started adjusting and developing a routine. But being stuck at home all day certainly makes the experience of being a stay at home mom more miserable.

4. Be Mindful Of What You Eat

After going through the initial adjustment period after the baby's birth, you will want to start paying attention to what you eat because you want to eat foods that will nourish you. You can always order meal kits to make meal preparing easier since time is not something to be wasted when it comes to new moms. But healthy eating promotes a healthy mind and more energy, and better health overall.

5. Feel Your Feelings but If It Is Out Of Hand Don't Ignore Help

As a new mom, you will feel every emotion under the sun and allow yourself to feel those feelings without asking any questions. However, there is one exception. If you are finding yourself to be extremely depressed and anxious to the point it is taking over your life, then you need to get help and not allow it to slide. Be sure to contact a doctor right away as it could be postpartum depression or anxiety you are facing which means you need help right away.

Being a new mom is hard and it is critical to make sure that your needs are met in any way that is possible so you can better care for your baby.

“Please note: This article is only informative and should be read as such. To seek professional advise kindly contact your pediatrician or The American Academy of Pediatrics.”