African Baskets – Learn More about a Baby Moses Basket

Have you ever seen a real baby Moses basket? Like numerous people, you already know about the story of baby Moses in the Bible.  Those who design baby Moses baskets are inspired by this story and make extremely beautiful products. A genuine basket is made of elephant grass and comes from Ghana, Africa.

What makes this basket unique?

One thing is true: baby Moses baskets are beautiful and elegant. Their vibrant colors and elaborate motifs attract people from afar. They are usually constructed of natural raw materials that lack toxins and chemicals. Therefore, they are suitable and safe for most babies. Furthermore, they are double-woven for more stability, strength and durability. A baby Moses basket made of grass is more long-lasting than any basket that is woven with palm leaf or thick paper.  

Baby Moses baskets are hand-woven using a traditional basket weaving technique that has been known for many years. This method creates a basket that has reliable structural integrity and matchless beauty.  It entails intricate intertwining of straw fibers and trimming of the edges. Each basket has strong handles that are wrapped in goat leather for extra comfort.

How our African Moses Baskets are sold

A baby Moses basket is sold via the Fair Trade Association to ensure that the indigenous weavers of Bolga, Northern Ghana, receive their profits. As there are other African countries selling the same product online, confirm that they are participating in Fair Trade. This should be one of the top standards put in place by every seller including ourselves (proud supporters). It ensures that the hard working men and women of Bolga get the share they deserve.

Usually, 5-10% percent of each basket sale is given back to the African basket weavers or used for purchasing their supply and equipment. Some sellers work together with their suppliers and non-profit partners to give more aid to the Bolga community. Thus, when you purchase a basket from us, you also take part in boosting the quality of life of Bolga weavers and their families. Note that a seller who does all this shows respect to other people’s jobs. If you notice that a shop does not buy through a Fair Trade partner, find another one.

Good quality is guaranteed

If you get your baby Moses basket from ZuriRose & Co, original quality will be guaranteed. You will receive a product that has been designed by creative traditional weavers from Northern Ghana. They don’t limit their creativity when it comes to producing stylish patterns using brightly colored fibers.

Taking care of your baby Moses basket

This basket just needs reshaping from time to time. Wet both sides and then use your hands to straighten out the deformed areas. Take it outside to dry and don’t leave it in the sun for too long. Cut any fraying fibers with any scissors and store it until the next use.