Introducing Your Dog To A Newborn

Introducing your dog to a newborn

You are expecting your first baby and you know that your dog is going to have a rough adjustment. You know the adjustment with the new baby is going to be hard as it is. Keep in mind, it will be hard for your pooch as well. This is why there are important steps to take when it comes to helping your dog accept the new baby. Let's go over the strong recommendations you need to utilize when you introduce your baby and dog together.

  • Close off some rooms that will be dedicated to the baby. If you are choosing an area to change the baby, don't allow the dog to go into that room such as the baby’s nursery. Keep the room off-limits before the baby arrives so that the dog is used to not being allowed in that room. This could just involve the nursery.

  • Allow the dog to sniff the baby's blanket and clothing. Put some baby powder on a blanket that you plan to use for the baby and the clothing as well. Allow the dog to sniff it. You can even put some scented clothing in an organic dog basket so your pooch becomes very comfortable with the scent. This way, the scent of the new baby when he or she arrives will not shock the dog.


  • Make sure your dog knows of important commands. Your dog will need to know what 'sit', 'stay', or other important commands need before the baby comes. You do not want the dog to jump all over the baby. Be sure to praise the dog as well as he or she obeys the commands.


  • Give your dog a lot of attention. Your dog will be jealous once the baby is around. Give your dog a lot of love before the baby arrives, and keep giving your dog a lot of affection after the baby arrives no matter how tired you are. Keep the dog bed in your room so that the dog knows that you are not going to forget about him or her. It is highly important to reassure your dog that he or she is loved as that will help when it comes to acceptance of the new baby's presence. That means not telling your dog to leave when you are feeding the baby. Give your dog treats when you are feeding the baby as well.


  • Be prepared to deal with some poor behavior from the dog. No matter how well you introduce the dog to the new baby, and how much you give the dog affection - your dog will still be jealous. This means you will see shredded mail or ripped furniture as well at times. The dog may relieve him or herself in the house as well. You will be tired, and you will be tempted to yell at the dog, but that will only make it worse. The dog will need some walks as well.


If you are unable to handle the dog during the first few weeks of the baby's life, have a trusted contact in mind that will gladly care for the dog. It may be too much to handle a newborn and a dog at the same time. Sometimes you will need someone else's help when it comes to caring for the dog. And that is okay. At least the dog will be cared for and it will be less stressful for you while adjusting to the newborn - if it has to come to that.