New Dads: Prepare for These 3 Surprises!

So you're going to be a new dad - congrats! While you're probably thrilled about this new chapter of life, you're also likely more than a little nervous about the unknowns. Parenthood is an exciting journey, but for new dads, it can also be daunting. With a new baby comes a host of challenges that can be overwhelming for even the most experienced parent. 
From changing diapers and navigating sleep schedules to juggling work life and family responsibilities, dads face a unique set of challenges that come with the role. In this article, we explore the top six challenges new dads must face and provide tips on how to navigate them. Becoming a parent for the first time is a huge adjustment, and there are more than a few surprises in store. But don't worry, we've got your back. 
Articles and videos of experienced dad's talking helped to gather a lot of information for more support, so consider this your heads up so you can mentally prepare yourself now and avoid being caught off guard once your little bundle of joy arrives. The diapers, crying, and sleepless nights you're expecting - but some of these other surprises just might blindside you. 
Lack of Sleep and Exhaustion
Becoming a new dad is exciting, and the first thing you will notice immediately is the lack of sleep and sheer exhaustion. Those late-night feedings and diaper changes will have you dragging the next day. In the first few months, catch naps whenever you can, ask friends and family for help so you and your partner can both get extra sleep.
The exhaustion will lessen over time as your little one starts sleeping through the night. But for now, rest as much as possible in between meeting the needs of your newborn, who depends on you for everything. While the lack of sleep will surprise you, the joy of becoming a dad will make up for it. For now, embrace the surprises - the good and the bad. Your new role as a dad will be worth every yawn.
Changing Relationship Dynamics
One of the biggest adjustments is how your relationship with your partner evolves.
Your focus shifts from being a couple to being parents. Date nights may be replaced by story time and lullabies. Make an effort to still connect as partners - plan a date night, give a card or small gift, offer a back rub. Keeping your relationship strong will make you better parents.
Roles and responsibilities change. You may find yourself taking on more childcare and household tasks than before. Talk openly about how to divide things fairly and check-in often to make sure you're both happy with the arrangement.
Compromise and teamwork become essential. You have to come together on important parenting decisions and present a united front. Listen to each other, be willing to negotiate and find solutions you both agree on.
Diapering and feeding schedules
As a new dad, you’ll quickly learn that newborns run on their own schedule. Forget about sleeping in—your baby will be up at the crack of dawn demanding a diaper change and feeding. Newborns need to eat every 2-3 hours, so you’ll be changing diapers just as frequently. Stock up on diapers and baby wipes, you’re going to go through them quickly!
Getting into a routine with diapering and feeding will help make the adjustment smoother. Work with your partner to determine who will handle which feedings so you can at least get a few longer stretches of sleep. As your baby gets a little older, their feeding and diapering schedules will start to space out to every 3-4 hours. But for the first couple months, be prepared for frequent wakeups and lots of diapers—it’s all part of learning the ropes as a new dad.
Change diapers frequently to keep your baby clean and comfortable, feed your baby when they seem hungry - don't wait for a schedule, look for feeding cues like lip smacking or hand to mouth motions.
The constant feeding and diapering may feel overwhelming at first, but remember that this phase will pass quickly. Before you know it, your little one will be on a predictable schedule and sleeping longer stretches. For now, focus on meeting your baby's needs and learning their cues. With time and practice, you'll become a pro at the diapering and feeding routine.
So there you have it, new dads. The first few months of fatherhood will throw some unexpected curve balls your way. But don't worry, every new parent goes through an adjustment period. The key is to accept that life will feel chaotic and messy at times. Do your best to be patient, help your partner when you can, and remember that this phase doesn't last forever. Before you know it, you'll be a pro at swaddling, diaper changes and lullabies. You'll figure out your own tricks to soothe a crying baby and the sleepless nights will become a distant memory. So take a deep breath and enjoy this special time - your new baby will be grown up before you know it! The challenges will pass, but the joy of fatherhood is forever. 
Happy Diaper changing!
“Please note: This article is only informative and should be read as such. To seek professional advice kindly contact your pediatrician or The American Academy of Pediatrics.”