Puppy Care 101

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The decision to adopt a puppy is not a light one to make. However, just know that you are doing a great thing for this new dog you are getting. You will provide your new fur baby plenty of love and your new pooch will give so much love back to you. However, before bringing your puppy home, you must know the basics of how to care for him or for her.

Make Your Home Puppy-Ready

You need to get the right apparatus for your puppy. Dog food, dog bowls, toys, puppy gates, leashes, collars, puppy pads, and an organic dog basket for sleeping are important to have. Be sure to puppy-proof your home as well so you don't find that your puppy ends up chewing on important items or dangerous items. For instance, it would be disastrous if your puppy was chewing on the electric cords in your home.

Consult With A Veterinarian

The first thing you need to do after making the decision to adopt a puppy is to arrange a visit with a reputable veterinarian. Get referrals from friends and family members that are dog or cat owners if you are not sure of which doctor you want to have to treat your puppy. Be sure to ask the veterinarian as well about food that is highly recommended. Ask the vet any other questions you have and listen to the recommendations he or she gives you for when you bring your new puppy home.

Time, Patience, And Commitment

You likely know that having a puppy means you will need to get out of your comfort zone and change your schedule somewhat. You will have to do so initially until you can get into a good solid routine. Your puppy will need to be housebroken which means you are going to have to dedicate the time and energy to take your puppy outside to get to know the 'bathroom'. You may have to do this in the middle of the night. Eventually, it will click and your dog will go to the bathroom outside automatically once he or she realizes that is the 'bathroom'.

Walking your dog is another thing you will need to do. Once your puppy has the required shots, then he or she can start getting walked. Your dog needs plenty of exercises. That also means to dedicate your time for 'puppy play'. You want your puppy to be drowsy at night so he or she sleeps through the night. Obedience school is another responsibility to take on when you have a puppy as you will want your dog to become well-behaved and familiar with commands.

You are going to have some adjustment pains and your puppy will as well. Therefore, taking some time off of work is recommended right after adopting your puppy. You will also want to get into the habit of leaving your puppy home so he or she does not get too used to your presence. You don't want your puppy to become overly clingy.

You will find that having a puppy is so rewarding once the initial shock is over. Before you know it, you will love having your dog with you at all times. You will want to put the African dog bed in your bedroom so your dog sleeps in the same room with you as you both will find it very comforting.