Puppy Training Basics

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Puppies can learn tips and tricks from the moment they open their eyes and start walking. In other words, they can learn when they are just a few weeks old. However, they do have very short attention spans which is why they need to be taught tricks over and over again. Repetition is the key, and it requires a lot of patience from the owner.

Puppies cannot be taken home until they are 7 to 8 weeks of age. However, good breeders will train them basically when they are able to be trained. They will teach the puppies socialization skills. Right around the time that owners can take puppies home, they can begin to learn simple commands such as 'sit', 'stay', and 'down'.

Any habits that you would not want your dog to develop must be prevented at a young age as well. For instance, if you don't want your dog sleeping in your bed, then that must be practiced from the moment you bring them home. You will want to get a high-quality organic dog basket for your puppy to put in your room, by your bed. This way, your dog will know where to sleep as well as be comforted by your presence. Commands are not the only expectation to teach your puppy as they will need to know that doing their business in the house is not acceptable.

Therefore, it is also important for new dog parents to housetrain their puppies as soon as they adopt them. The earlier that the dogs know that the outside is the bathroom, the quicker they make that connection. The sooner they will be able to be housebroken even though they can easily have some accidents here and there. When you are training your puppy, you will want to utilize positive reinforcements so they are motivated to listen to your commands and comply.

Puppy Training And Rewards

Unlike children, dogs will not be satisfied if they get toys. They will feel as if they are rewarded when they are given a small treat for being successful with a task you had given them. For instance, once your puppy does his or her business in the yard, reward your dog with praise and a small treat. With that said, if your dog has an accident in the house, point him or her to the mess and say in a firm but not mean voice 'no'. The dog will pick that up.

The reward system works well with commands as well. If you tell the puppy to 'sit' and the puppy sits, praise the dog and give him or her a very small treat. Since you will be giving your puppy many commands, it is best to break the treat up and give pieces to the dog. Otherwise, the puppy will be overfed and that is not a habit you want to start with your puppy.

However, be sure to take the evening to relax after a long day of training. It is tiring for the puppy parent and the dog. Go relax and watch your favorite Netflix show while your puppy goes for a good rest in that comfortable African dog bed. Tomorrow will be a new day for you and your puppy to get back to work again.