Signs of Postpartum Depression and Resources for Help

Signs of postpartum depression

Experiencing emotions such as exhausted, sadness, moodiness, anxiety, and the need to be alone is very common for mothers who have just given birth for a few days. This is due to the crashing hormones as well as the response from the body going through the trauma which is giving birth. And this is referred to as the baby blues. However, the baby blues will only last for a few days and it is not concerning, and will not go on for longer than two weeks.

However, if these baby blues are not getting better and are worsening after two weeks, then that is not baby blues anymore. That is postpartum depression or PPD.

The Signs of PPD to watch out for are:

Extreme feelings of sadness that do not go away at all.

The need to isolate and to stay away from loved ones.

The loss of interest in hobbies or other things that the mother once enjoyed

Extreme bouts of crying.

Drastic changes in appetite and in weight



Worrying about the baby excessively but also the inability to bond.

Feelings of anger and rage


Suicide ideation

And if the mother has any of these symptoms happening for more than two weeks, then she must call her doctor immediately so she can go on medication and be referred to a therapist. And there are also other resources that she can utilize as well when there is PPD in the picture.

The organization Postpartum Support International or PSI is able to provide help for mothers that are suffering from PPD and other postpartum mental illnesses. The PSI hotline is 1-800-944-4773 and they offer a text service which is 503-894-9453. Not only do they have resources for moms but they also have plenty of help for dads as fathers can also experience paternal depression.

There are other hotlines to call if in dire need of help. If feeling suicidal, call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK as it is free and runs for 24 hours for the US.

In Canada, there is a crisis line which is 1-833-456-4566 and the text is 45645.

In the UK, the crisis hotline is 08457 90 90 90.

In Ireland, the crisis hotline is 116 123.

In Australia, moms can access either the Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness which is in Brisbane and the number is, 0487 756 633 or they can access the Gidget Foundation in Sydney. The number for that is 1300 851 758.

However, the best resource for moms anywhere in the world that is suffering from PPD or other postpartum mental illnesses is PSI.

And the key is to make sure that the issues are tackled as soon as possible or else postpartum depression that is not cared for right away can escalate into something a lot more serious which is postpartum psychosis which can involve hallucinations and can put everyone around in serious danger.

And never be ashamed to admit that you are suffering if you suspect that you have PPD. It happens to so many mothers, and you are not alone. And if you suspect that a loved one has PPD, please get them the help they need.


“Please note: This article is only informative and should be read as such. To seek professional advise kindly contact your pediatrician or The American Academy of Pediatrics.”